Agostini Group

An illustrious history in innovating Italian windows and doors.

Over fifty years of innovative projects in the world of windows and doors, combining design and technology. Fifty years in which our mission has been to design and make windows and doors with always state-of-the-art materials and solutions, so as to keep improving the protection and insulation of our interiors while ensuring ideal energy savings with products of outstanding design. Our motto: "quality consistently high", because our windows and doors really must last over time.

1963 Luciano Agostini founded his first company for the production of PVC shutters in the province of Venice. A revolution compared to the wooden shutters of the houses of the time.
1984 The know-how gained in working with plastic materials leads the Agostini family business to teaming up with some of Europe's leading system engineers and launch a line made of PVC - among the first in Italy.
1999 Agostini's R&D team develops Fibex, one of the world's first composites made from glass fibre to be used for shutters and blinds. The innovative system stems from working with US companies to meet the growing demand for materials that give high thermal and mechanical performance.
2008 Agostini introduces the exclusive window and door system with 'Fibex Inside' technology, with aluminium and wood finishes that solve all of the sector's thermal-insulation limitations.
2013 The Fibex Inside technology means that window and door frames can now be reduced considerably in size while retaining all of their thermal and acoustic insulation performance. The minimalist design of these windows and doors brings an increase in room brightness of at least 15%. Agostini introduces the models with the Total Glass finish.
2015 Inspired by Venice's art masters, the 'Fibex Inside Venice Collection' series is born from the custom-made window models that can be customized in an infinite choice of material combinations, thus delivering frames suited to every architectural context and décor setting.
2017 The Agostini Action Air "air exchange" system is presented, bringing cleaner and healthier environments, without wasting energy. The architecture design began for the new headquarters, which will host the new production plant and the Group's new management offices.
2019 Agostini presents its 'minimal design solutions' at Milan's Made Expo, with the collections called Orama Minimal Frames and Zhero Frames Fibex Inside, window and door solutions designed to meet the new minimalist design trends.
2020 The 'Agostini Minimal Frame' solutions have been selected for the innovative Green Pea retail park in Turin as expressions of excellent Italian design of utmost respect for the environment and society.
2021 Launch and online publication of the websites and and social media to support the Digital Strategy dedicated to minimal doors and windows.

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